Monday, December 1, 2008

This blog is moving

Please visit the new WTE entertainment blog and soon to be permanent blog home.
The new blog is on wordpress and is called the wtecriticscorner ....

Welcome to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle's entertainment blog.

We're your source for local, state-wide, northern Colorado and national entertainment news.

We want to interact with readers like you.
On this blog, you can read play reviews of local theater productions and get updates about articles coming up in ToDo and Journey.
If you're a writer, aspiring novelist etc. check the bottom of the blog's homepage for lots of good information.
The blog is always evolving, so continue to stay tuned in.

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JoBros fans read the complete Jonas Brothers' Behind-The-Scenes story, Aug. 24, in Journey (Sunday).
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The blog also has information from Karen Cotton's New Futures presentation at the Laramie County Library, Oct. 23, 2008 about careers in writing, both journalism and novel writing.

The August blog archives has four pages of Jonas Brothers content from the WTE article

Read the Jonas Brothers' Behind-The-Scenes article on Aug. 24 in Journey!

This blog has four pages of Jonas Brothers content in the August blog archives.
The first page contains a slideshow that will be updated from time to time with new photos.
For now enjoy slideshow Part 1.

The blog also has seven videos of behind-the-scenes footage of the Jonas Brothers and the crew that works with them.

Click on "older posts" at the bottom of each page and it will take you to a new page with more videos and information.Please be patient. It takes a few minutes to upload the videos.
The files are large, but are worth the wait.

Photos, video and information by Karen Cotton, Wyoming Tribune Eagle entertainment/features reporter:
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